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Springs Soccer Club Advanced Development Program’s (ADP) primary objective is to teach players the basic technical skills and training habits required for playing competitive soccer. While there is increased competition, our emphasis is on developing complete and confident players who are not afraid to take risks. The format of ADP encourages players to master ball-handling techniques and individual player creativity in a fun, yet educational environment. 

Staying true to the ideal that we should train as many as we can, for as long as we can, and in the best environment possible, the ADP has no tryouts or cuts. We make no judgments about how well a player will develop or how far they will go.


The Springs SC ADP provides a strong training environment and structure to more committed players at an earlier age.


ADP players are guaranteed to receive age-appropriate instruction from licensed coaches during all training and game day sessions. 



  • Full time Qualified and Licensed Director of Youth Development


  • Each session will consist of 30 minute technical instruction by a professional trainer followed by 30 minute soccer games.
  • Each game is played with the intention to translate the new skills learned in that days session into real game time situations.


  • Each block will include a 2 Jamborees dates; in-house or against neighboring clubs.


    Grade Level

    (2021-22 School Year)

    Practices Training Days Time
    U5/U6 (Boys & Girls) Pre-K and Kindergarten 1 day Wed 6:00 pm - 6:45pm
    U7/U8 (Boys & Girls) 1st/2nd grades 2 days Mon/Wed 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    U9/U10 (Boys & Girls)

    3rd/4th grades 2 days Mon/Wed 6:00 pm-7:00 pm
    U11/U12 (Boys & Girls) 5th/6th grades 2 days


    6:00 pm-7:00 pm

    U13/U14 (Boys & Girls) 7th/8th grades 2 days


    6:00 pm-7:00 pm
    U15/U16 (Coed) 9th/10th grades 2 days


    6:00 pm-7:00 pm


ADP Summer 2020: July 13 - Aug. 13 (SUCCESS)

Fall 2020 (Block 1):  Sept. 1 - Oct. 5 (SUCCESS)

Fall 2020 (Block 2): Oct. 6 - Nov. 9 (SUCCESS)

Winter 1:  Nov. 10- Dec 15, 2020 (SUCCESS)

Winter 2:  Jan. 11 - Feb. 10  (SUCCESS)
Spring 1: Feb. 17-Mar 4   (SUCCESS)
Spring 2: Mar. 22-April 21   (SUCCESS)
Spring 3:  May 3-May 26 (Registration Now Open!) Only $175!

Sample Session Calendar

  • Basic running skills and intro to dribbling
  • Basic receiving and passing 
  • Shape, receiving and passing with motion and space
  • 1v1 having fun (making a move) 
  • 2v2 this is for you (give and go)
  • 3v3 working as a team



  • Players need to be dedicated and strive for good attendance.
  • Players commit to follow all club rules and guidelines as presented in the player handbook.

Registration & Fees

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten $125 / Block
  • 1st - 8th  $225 / Block
  • High School Grades $225 / Block
  • Registration is required at on-line at

What’s Included?

  • Full time Qualified and Licensed Director of Youth Development Director of ADP
  • Club registration
  • Club insurance
  • Administration
  • Two (2) days per week training
  • Initial player evaluation
  • End of session player evaluation


  • 2020-2022 is a two-year uniform cycle and the 2021-22 is the 2nd year of a two-year uniform cycle.
  • The ADP uniform will be purchased at (1 Nike Grey Jersey’s and 1 Nike Grey Socks, 1 Nike Grey Shorts)
  • All players are required to wear the SSC uniform, soccer cleats, and shin-guards.








Contact Info

Springs Soccer Club
Cypress Park
1301 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33076

Phone: (954) 282-5215


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