Coaching Reimbursement will be provided for coaches in the following manner with approval from the Technical Director. Any coach wishing to attend a Higher-Level Coaching Course must seek approval for reimbursement by Technical Director prior to enrollment. Travel to and from the course will not be covered by SSC.


Mandatory Coaching Courses

The following courses are 100% cost reimbursement with proof:


Higher Level Coaching Courses

The following courses are 50% cost reimbursement after successfully attending the course. 25% after passing the course evaluation and 25% one year after a successful evaluation.

The coach must still be working with the Club to be eligible for reimbursement. Prior approval from the Technical Director is needed prior to enrollment and external funding must be utilized before requesting reimbursement.

  • USSF D License
  • USSF C License
  • USSF B License
  • USSF B License
  • USSF A License

Higher Level Foreign Courses

International coaching course will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Management Group.


Conferences & Workshops

Individuals affiliated with the club may apply to the Technical Director to be reimbursed for registration fees, course material fees, travel expenses and/or any other related expenses paid for conferences or workshops. The Technical Director, in consultation with the Executive Director, may approve the application in whole or in part if, in his/her opinion:

a) The conference or workshop will be of direct and substantial benefit to the club, and

b) There are sufficient funds available in the budget.


Other Coach Training Opportunities:

Coaches are encouraged to find other educational opportunities to help continue their development.

Any coach wishing to seek reimbursement for attending an educational opportunity is requested to speak with the Technical Director about the possibility for reimbursement prior to attending or enrollment in the educational opportunity.


Please submit your receipt to the Technical Director with proof of completion or a successful pass (receipt and photocopy of certificate/screenshot of license).


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