Sideline Behavior Tips and Questions for the Car Ride Home

Guidelines for Soccer Parents:

  • Cheer
  • Relax and Let Them Play
  • Yelling Directions = Distraction
  • Remember, They Are Your Kids
  • Have Reasonable Expectations
  • Meet with the Coaches.

Sideline Behavior:

  • Children want cheerleaders to applaud their success, not adults yelling instructions. Think of the soccer field as a playground and not as a sports venue.
  • What’s appropriate at a sport stadium with adult athletes is NOT appropriate for young children at play.
  • Focus on the process of playing and not the outcome.
  • Please know that any inappropriate conduct towards any other player, parent, referee, coach, ect. on the soccer fields will not be tolerated; and may result in ejection from the premises.


Good Questions on the Way Home:

  • Did you have fun today?
  • What did you think you did well today?
  • Did you learn any new moves?
  • Did you make new friends today?


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US Olympic Committee: American Development Model:  The American Development Model is a concerted effort between the United States Olympic Committee and its National Governing Bodies of sport to apply long-term athlete development principles in a way that resonates with the culture of sport in the United States


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