The City of Coral Springs Cypress Park uses the ThorGuard Lightning System, an Advanced Warning System, to monitor and detect lightning throughout the entire Cypress Park fields/complex. All Players and Parents are to understand how the ThorGuard Lightning system works and follow the rules and regulations that the system has put forth. 


This system is installed on top of our maintenance shed located between our main soccer fields and the baseball fields. This system will detect lightning within a few miles of the complex. There are three stages to this system: Green - All Clear, Yellow - Caution and Red - immediate danger. When the system gets to red, there will be a loud horn sound to alert everyone of the immediate danger. However, our guidelines and instructions from the city have told us that we are to monitor the system online and when it gets to yellow, clear the fields.

- The system will alert all participants in the park when conditions become hazardous and lightning is detected within a 2-mile radius of the park.

- When lightning is detected, a 15 second Warning Horn will Sound and the Strobe lights will flash (located on top of the Maintenance Building).

- All players and visitors in the park, must take shelter in their cars. 
DO NOT wait under trees, picnic canopies, or concession building overhangs. On-site facility rooms will be closed.

- When it is safe to return to the fields, a 3-5 second horn will sound and the strobe light will turn OFF.



1. During Red Alerts we ask that ALL PLAYERS remain in their parent's vehicle until further notice.

2. During Red Alerts we ask that PARENTS ARE PRESENT with their vehicles in the Sports Complex to provide a safe place for their child to wait during weather delays. Waiting under the picnic overhang or outside will not reduce the chances of getting hit by lightning. All players are asked to be in the safest possible place at this time, which is a car.

3. Players are asked to wait in their vehicles until 1 of 2 notifications: 

- The Sounding of the Thor Guard Siren indicating it is safe to be outside. The Light will turn off as well.

- A text message from the team manager communicating the cancelling of practice.



Background:   A THOR GUARD Lightning Prediction System looks at the electrostatic "charge" of the atmosphere to determine when conditions are favorable for lightning to occur.  In order to have a lightning strike in your area, there must be a "build-up" of the electrostatic field.  A THOR GUARD Lightning Prediction System has the following basic components:

1. Energy Level :  At the top of the ThorPCX display (just below logo) will be the Energy Level indicator that displays the relative amount of positive (yellow) or negative (red) charge in the atmosphere.  Under normal conditions (no rain, storms, or high wind) the energy display will only show a small amount of charge and it is normally positive (yellow).  When storms approach or develop nearby, you will see a build-up of positive charge.  As lightning moves in closer, or when a storm is developing close to your area, you will normally see a build-up of negative energy.  Typically, when a strike occurs within the sensor range, you will see a transition from negative to positive.  The faster this reversal in charge occurs, the closer the strike.  During high winds, you will normally see a build-up of positive charge.  As the "charge" in the atmosphere increases, the Thor Guard will give you an alert level corresponding to the threat of lightning. These levels will be displayed in the graphic display immediately below the Energy Level.


2. Warning Levels :  Warning level window is located just below Energy Level

· ALL CLEAR - No Threat

· CAUTION -  No immediate threat but situation should be monitored if storms are developing or rain is in the area. A "Caution" level is normal with rain showers.

· WARNING -  Thunderstorms and/or high wind are in the area.  Unit should be closely monitored. Lightning is in the area or a t-storm is developing nearby or overhead.

· RED ALERT -  The potential for lightning is high, all activities should stop.


3. Lightning Information Box :   Located  below the Lightning Alert and Emergency Alert indication area is the Lightning Information Area that contains the following information:

· LHL:   Lightning Hazard Level.  A number from 1-9.  1 means a 10% chance of lightning and 9 which means 90% chance of lightning within the  Sensor Range (normally 12-15 miles) .  An LHL greater than 4 indicates lightning is occurring or has the potential of occurring in your area.


· DI :  Dynamic Index.  Number from 1.0 - 9.9    "1" means 10% chance and 9.9 means 99% chance of lightning within close proximity of your sensor location.  A DI > zero means there is lightning in the area!


· AD :   Alarm Level.  Any time you get a Red Alert, the AD will start at 10 which means you have at least 10 minutes until you could get an All Clear signal.  The AD will reset itself to 10 until all static charge is out of the area and play can resume.  The AD will count down when no "new" surges in energy have been detected.


· FCC :   Field Collapse Count.  Basically, the FCC number gives you an idea of how many lightning strikes have occurred within the sensor range.  It is helpful to watch the FCC count as the system goes from Caution-Warning-Red Alert as it allows you to see how "active" a storm is in terms of lightning strikes.

Typical readings on a THOR GUARD System during the development and/or approach of a storm are: 

LHL= 6 - 9
DI= 1.6 - 4.0  (If a DI of 3 occurs, then the system will go to Red Alert)
AD= 10
FCC = 10 - 50


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