Springs Soccer Club’s goal is to fully outfit ALL of our players to meet a standard of excellence across all levels of play, promoting team and club unity, collaboration, player movement and development.


Uniform Requirements

Competitive Player Requirements:  Each player must purchase, at a minimum, the following items:

Required Items:  (1) Nike SSC Backpack


Home Kit Away Kit Training Kit

(1) Nike Home Jersey

(1) Nike Away Jersey

(1) Nike Training Jersey

(1) Nike Home Shorts

(1) Nike Away Shorts

(1) Nike Training Shorts

(1) Nike Home Socks

(1) Nike Away Socks

(1) Nike Training Sock







Uniform Ordering

Obtain a step-by-step list that will walk you through the online uniform ordering process. All Springs Soccer Club’s uniforms are ordered online through Soccer.com.


Uniform FAQ

SSC Uniform FAQ will help answer your questions about the ordering process and uniform requirements.


Fitting FAQ

If you are unsure of your child’s size in Nike gear, reference this chart

Not only will you be able to purchase all your uniform requirements (or fill ins as necessary), but you can also purchase Springs Soccer Club fan gear to wear on the sidelines!


Uniform Numbering Guideline

To fulfill Springs Soccer Club policy of assuring the opportunity of player movement between teams at different playing levels, and to avoid the additional cost and expense to replace jerseys and other uniform kit apparel, all Springs Soccer Club teams will assign player numbers as follows.


The following uniform numbering guidelines will be used for all SSC teams.


1. All teams will be required to purchase at least one (1) SSC goalkeeper jersey for the team.

2. Teams that play 9 or 11 aside soccer will be required to purchase two home and two away numbered “guest” player jerseys that will also serve as “blood jerseys”.

3. Teams that play less than 9 aside will be required to purchase one home and one away numbered “guest” player jerseys that will also serve as “blood jerseys”.



The numbers 0, 00, and 1 are reserved for goalkeepers.  Each goalkeeper may select whichever number they want; if a team has more than one full timekeeper, they should resolve any conflicts within the team. Reserving numbers for goalkeepers should help to minimize conflicts with other numbers and these are traditional goalkeeper numbers.

If a team does not have a dedicated keeper (often the case with younger teams,) players who play both on the field and in goal need to be assigned a field player number. The team will be responsible for purchasing a keeper jersey as part of the team equipment, which will be used by players rotating in goal.


Once the season has started, and in the event number conflicts arise on teams, players and families from different teams are free to exchange their match jerseys to resolve player number conflicts, so long as the exchanged numbers fall within each respective team’s number allocation.


Important Note: In no event and at no time will Numbers on match jerseys be “modified” using duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, or any other self-applied “fix” as the means or solution to resolve a player number conflict.


Contact Info

Springs Soccer Club
Cypress Park
1301 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33076

Phone: (954) 282-5215

Email: info@springssoccerclub.com

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